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Easy Performant Outline

Making outline has never been so easy!

Try the WebGL Demo!

Making outline has never been so easy! With outline you can easily improve your game look and feel creating unique selections/highlights ect. with ease. It works with simple or complex models and can be easily customized by changing parameters and settings.


• DOTween support
• 100% post process effect with optimized rendering strategy
• Fully customizable
• Has several fill effects
• Highly optimized for mobiles
• Supports per object outline settings
• Supports per object color
• Supports multi layer outline
• Supports URP/LWRP and Default renderer
• Supports both HDR and LDR
• Supports both multipass and signlepass (instanced and not) VR
• Supports sprite outline
• Supports cutout objects outline
• Supports semi-transparent outline
• Easy to setup URP using semi automatic setup tool
• Source code included
• Tested on Android, iOS, PS4, PC, Mac, WebGL

Documentation and example scenes are inside the package.