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Cubicity: Slide puzzle

Choose your characters and go ahead solve puzzles!

Buddy, you ended up in a cubic world with its own rules! Choose your characters and go ahead solve puzzles! Place each character at the finish point using shortest way!

Your have to move each character to the final destination using level geometry with its devices with help of interaction amoung each other. You can use some of 4 tools that can hel you in this hard task (undo, ice-block, bomb, teleport). To open next level you have to complete previous level at least with one star rating. The less moves you made, the better result at the end of the level you gonna get.

If it's too hard, don't worry!

The levels has endless combinations to complete. You can apply different strategies to complete your goal. It's possible to complete any level without tools, but in case of trouble, just use them!